14 Sep

Honest as the day is long….

I heard this expression from the American sitcom ” Baby Daddy”  that I’ve recently binge-watched.

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The meaning of this expression is as easy to guess as it sounds, very trustworthy and honest.  From the show, Tucker, one of the main roles comes from a very strict and uptight family. Tucker’s father forced Tucker to be a lawyer or doctor and sent him a law school, but Tucker dropped out the school without telling anything to his parents.  Years later Tucker’s father visits him and Tucker has to impersonate a lawyer like his father. Tucker’s father is using this expression for complimenting Tucker when he asked Tucker about the cases, Tucker pretend-to-be a lawyer said to him he couldn’t answer any questions about cases for maintaining  confidentiality for his imaginary clients. (although the real reason is he doesn’t know any legal terms or cases at all. )

There is a proverb says that ” Honest is best policy.”  Sometimes it sounds a little even obsolete.  From time to time, truth can be really cruel, even hurt feelings and damage the relationships.

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Maybe that’s why a lot of women like myself, might have to invent the complicate/delicate repetitive Q/A systems about ourselves for our spouse or boyfriend to make our feelings better when we’re facing our cruel truth about ourselves especially our appearance and personality.( questions like ” How do I look?” or ” what do you think of my new dress?” or ” Do you think I’m a bad person?”)

And that’s why a husband/boyfriend should pay attention to  underlying purposes of our questions.  Tricky part is that the right answer can be changed according to the case and our mood, but the right answer can change our mood and situation as a reward. but the wrong answer? it could worsen everything.

Ideally, “As honest as the day is long” should be the best attitude or principle for  us on our daily basis/workplace, but sadly, in our society, this honest as the day is long always can’t  be the “right” answer for everything.  However, still most of the time, I believe that honesty is a right solution for most situations. So, I might need to develop a thick skin to learn truth about myself and like this expression, and try to be honesty for a entire day to others.