19 Jul

going commando

Who taught: Brian, Sue and Drew

Going Commando (source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/)

Have you seen Commando? You know it, right? Come on, don’t say you do not know that movie! I think I was in either elementary school or in middle school when I first watched it. I liked it.

When I moved into the new house, Brian and Sue gave me a washer and a dryer. I haven’t been able to use because I could not install them by myself. So, two days ago, I asked Dave whether he can come over to see what I should do to install. (Dave is so handy around the house.) After I talked to Dave, I had a short chat with Brian and Sue and mentioned that I talked to Dave to install the washer and the dryer.

As kind of a joke (?), I said, “Finally, I can use the washer. I needed it. I need to wash my underwear. Oops! TMI!”

We all laughed and in response, Brian said something but I did not get it. So, as usual, I said, “Sorry! What did you say?”

He said, “Just going commando.”

Well, I know what commando is but going commando? What is it? From the context, I could feel that it is not like being tough as a man. I thought it would be awkward to ask what that means at that moment because there were Drew’s girlfriend, Carmen and Brian’s daughter, Rachel.

After I got back home, I could not wait to find out what that means. The first thing I did was searching it up. Wow! I was so surprised by its meaning. Can you guess what it is? It has something to do with the lack of clean underwear. If you do not have clean underwear, what is the best option you have? Well, just do not wear it. I mean you do need to wear pants though. Don’t forget that!

To sum it up, going commando means “not wearing any underpants.” Now, I would not recommend to do it, especially in summer.

Wanna know the origin? Here is the origin I found.

The earliest known use of the term in print occurred on January 22, 1985 when Jim Spencer wrote in the Chicago Tribune “Furthermore, colored briefs are ‘sleazy’ and going without underwear (“going commando”, as they say on campus) is simply gross.”

After that, this expression was used in TV shows, Seinfeld and Friends. That is where this expression got popular.

Have I gone commando? Hmm… what do you think? I will say this. Maybe, it is better than wearing dirty underpants.

P.S.: How about women? Can I say Sharon Stone went commando in Basic Instinct?

01 Jun

pull an Andrew

Who taught : Beth, Andrew and Brian

A few weeks ago, Andrew, Beth and I were in a party together. Near to Andrew, there were a small desk where people can put their bottles or glasses. There was a beer bottle on top of the table and the table was not very stable. While Andrew was trying to explain something, he accidentally hit the table and the beer bottle fell on the ground and, as you can imagine, it broke. I helped out to clean the pieces of broken bottle. Ironically, a few minutes later, I hit the same table and another bottle almost dropped. “Oh, Terry, you almost pull an Andrew,” Beth said. I was a little confused about the expression. I mean I could feel that it means something I did the same thing Andrew did because that is exactly what happened. But, I was not 100% sure about the expression. Beth, then, told me that the expression is something you can use when someone did the same thing other people have done. “But, it has negative connotation,” Andrew added.

After having this conversation, I was curious about the origin of the expression but failed to find any information about it. But, I was able to find very interesting one related with the word, “pull.” What if Beth did not use article there? Like, “Terry, you almost pull Andrew.” It has a total different meaning. Could you give it a try? Here is the definition of the expression, “pull someone.”

Pull someone is used to describe the successful act of attracting a person to such an extent that you would be able to snog or perhaps bone them if you so desired. (Source : Urban Dictionary)

Well, by reading this definition, I bet you would also have a question mark in your mind about “bone someone.” Well, it means having sex with someone and it is a term used by guys. I do not think ladies can use this term if you know what I mean. 🙂

Bush mosaic of dead soldiers

Speaking of beer bottle, I have another expression I learned from Brian today. “Hey, Terry, can you guess what dead soldier means?” When he asked this question, I had no idea about it. “What? Dead soldier? Does it have any meaning?” “Yeah, it means empty beer bottle,” Brian told. Sigh, how could I know that meaning? Next time I go to a bar with friends, I will use the expression, like “Hey, all, you gotta leave dead soldiers! So, finish all your bottle!” Why do I have a George Bush’s photo here? When I searched for “dead soldier”, I found this picture as one of the image search results. I was very curious why this picture is one of them. Well, if you look at it very closely, it is a mosaic of small pictures and they are the pictures of dead soldiers in Iraq.

18 May

Knock down vs knock up

Who taught : Brian, Jerome and Kara

Do you know how many words exist in English? The answer is, I think, nobody knows the exact number. But, based on Wikipedia, the Oxford English Dictionary includes over 600,000 words. Among those, how many do you know? 1,000 or 2,000? Isn’t it crazy? 600,000 words.

OK, let’s talk about today’s expressions. There are expressions which are combination of verb and adverb. Today, I would like to talk about some of the ones that you need to be really careful and good to know for your future conversations.

1. Knock down vs knock up

In general, knock down means “hit someone or something.” There are some other meanings but I do not want to confuse you here. So, let’s just stick to this meaning here. But, when it comes to knock up, it has totally different meaning. Can you guess what it means? I do not think you can simply guess it. It means “to get someone pregnant.” So, if you hear someone saying, “Man, I don’t know what to do. I knocked her up. She told me yesterday.” Then that guy is in trouble unless he is married to the lady.

2. Pass away vs pass out

I guess you might know what “pass away” means. Didn’t I mention it in one of my old posts? It means, “die.” And, once again, it is a euphemism for “die.” So, if your friend’s parents died, it is better for you to say, “his father passed away.”

On the other hand, “pass out” is an expression you can use a lot if you like drinking. Have you experienced a total drunken and not remembering anything next day? That is the time you can use “pass out.” “Dude, yesterday, I totally passed out.” Speaking of which, there is also another expression you can use for describing the passing out situation. “I got totally wasted.” It has the same meaning. Maybe, “get wasted” is more derogatory one? Am I right?

3. Whack vs whack off

Whack is a verb and it means “hit strongly” or “assassinate.” For example, “My wife was so mad yesterday because she found I was cheating on her that she whacked me with a golf club.” Sounds like I am talking about someone we all know. What? you do not know whom I am talking about? Come on! It is Tiger Woods.

OK, how about “whack off”? Before I get to the meaning of it, I need to warn you. If you are younger than 18, please stop reading and close your browser now! Hey! I warned you. If you are still reading, it is your responsibility now. 🙂 It means “masturbate.” There is also an expression with the same meaning, “jack off.” I am not giving you any example for this. I am pretty sure you will figure it out. 🙂

4. drop a deuce vs chuck a deuce

chuck a deuce (two fingers)

Well, this one is different combination but it would be useful if you know the different meaning of them. “Drop a deuce” means “defecate.” whereas “chuck a deuce” means “a sort of gesture of saying hello to your friends.” FYI, I am adding a picture of it here.

So, what do you think? The more I write posts, the more I feel English is hard to master. But everything is possible. Good luck! My friends out there! Hoping my blog could help you out a little! See you tomorrow!